Sunday, September 28, 2008

Janelle Monae

this woman is gonna change the game up if given a chance.... check her out and buy her ep... it's out right now:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The subject of Palin and the art of speaking out of both sides of the mouth

this is awesome!
I'll let the clip do all the talking!
(ps. thanks for passing this on shelly)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I caught a feature on

so my artwork caught a feature on just wanna thank Keith of FreshNerd fame for showing love. Check the above link to see the feature.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kaws exhibition in Miami

This weekend Kaws opened his "Saturated" exhibition at Gallerie Emmanuelle Perrotin in Miami and with it an exciting series of the artists shows will come this Fall and next Spring.

I had a chance to check out the show yesterday. Kaws mostly presented Sponge Bob and Smurf pieces in this exhibit, characters that we had earlier only seen on works, done for Pharrell and other private collectors.

here's some of the work:

here's a video to get an idea for the artist

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mickey Mao painting from begining to end

So I've been meaning to document the way I work when I paint.

I've noticed that in my ever evolving development as an artist... some of the best and most productive learning has simply involved me watching someone work on a painting from beginning to end. It has been equally helpful whether it be first hand, a time lapse video, or even still photography. I get to see various key tricks, techniques, and shortcuts that another artist uses... compare it to what I do... and decide if it is better or makes more sense than what I do in terms of the art making process.

Well in any case I figure that I've learned so much from these things that I should post one myself to hopefully help someone else.

I'm working on a painting that I decided to title "Mickey Mao". It will be for an upcoming exhibition called , "Viva la Propaganda".

so now that the introduction is outta the way.... here we go:

1. I like to plan my pieces for the most part so i usually start with a sketch. I did this one in ink & colored pencil.

2. I draw it out on the canvas... first in pencil. In this instance I'm working from a photo of Mao as well as my sketch. I decided to use a grid because placement was very important in terms of where the image is on the canvas. After I draw the image i go over it in black paint to outline... i use shades of gray to note where the shadows and value changes are.

3. I then go in with red for the background, collar, and hat. I focus mostly on building depth in the background using browns and blacks to create value changes in the red.

4. yellow for the stars. Here is how it looks so far.

5. Now his uniform is a brownish green. I first paint the entire uniform in yellows and browns. After It is dry I start glazing over the uniform with greens. The advantage of glazing is that you end up tinting the area with the color your glazing with. All the values, colors, and shades show through. 2 ways to glaze with acrylics are: a) water down the paint until its at the desired transparency; or b) mix the paint with clear gel medium until its at the desired transparency.

6. Now I go to the face, I tend to work from light to dark & in sections.

7. I decide to do the Chinese character in gold paint instead of the black. I think it will look better against the deep red background. After I finish the face I go back and add minor details in the face, uniform, and the hat (where ever it's needed).

8. This is the final product. I like my paintings to look wet, so when I'm finished and its bone dry I go over the entire painting with clear gloss medium.

presenting: "Mickey Mao!"
total time from sketch to finish: 6 hrs (not counting application of clear coat)