Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JR - Dope photographer


As an undercover photographer, JR transforms his pictures into posters and makes open space photo galleries out of our streets. An acute observer of our time, as comfortable in cozy neighborhoods as in urban ghettos, he questions pedestrians with the exhibitions he mounts on their everyday commutes.

Using a camera he found once in the subway, JR finds inspiration in informal encounters he makes following his travels and his intuitions.

his website here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anthony Lister - Dope artist

Lister's work suggest influences from a number of areas and genres, including street art, expressionism, pop art, and contemporary drug culture. It often deals with subject matter from popular culture, reflecting the less glamorous aspects. He occasionally draws from television and such themes as the "misguided role models" that result. He has said that "Australians are raised by Americans on TV" and also that "TV is the contemporary mode of meditation". Lister's own children have had a profound impact on the way he creates art; he has been inspired by "watching what [his] own children are watching on tv" and "what they're bombarded with". He has often stated that he is not trying to make a statement with his work but to reflect the world around him.

He often has recurring themes in his art but probably most famous for his Monkey (Chi-Chi)& Superhero paintings

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey Mr. West, "EMO is dead"

T-shirts By Beasted

I had to post this shirt once I came across it. It is so "what's up". While I don't think that Mister West's "Heartbreak and 808s" is a bad album (I am actually overall a Kanye fan)... I will say it got old quick... my main reason for loosing interest after the first week is because you can only listen to a whiny album filled with self pity for so long. None the less... I definitely will be rocking this shirt longer then I had the heartbreak album on rotation.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Right Brain Experience

A glimpse of what guides us Right brained thinkers.. through the words of Jill Bolte who recounts her stroke that she had and what happened as her left brain slowly shut down... powerful stuff