Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last friday's critical mass coverage

So I finally had a chance to take part in Miami's monthly critical mass and i want to say it was amazing. These are the type of peripheral activities that make me love being in a big city. With that said below you will find a quick blurb & photos that were published by the good folks over at beached miami.

Photos: Miami Critical Mass January 2012
On Friday night approximately 1,200 cyclists (!) rode 12.5 miles through downtown, East Little Havana, West Flagler, Coral Way, Little Havana, and The Roads in Miami Critical Mass. With the huge turnout and tropical “winter” weather, the ride had an amazing energy. The only hiccup for me came toward the end of the ride, at the intersection of South Miami Avenue and Southwest Eighth Street, when the strung-out Mass made four lanes of cars wait for at least 10 light changes. The motorists were honking and yelling, too many cyclists — mostly stragglers — were taunting the drivers (“We own the road!” “Wait your turn!”), and one guy got out of his car and into the face of a corker. This kind of thing will happen when 1,200 riders take over the road, but heckling motorists is childish. Critical Mass is a statement ride, but that statement should not be: “We’re a bunch of assholes.” If a driver gets feisty, there are ways to handle it. You can ignore it or try to calm him down. But don’t tempt him to run you over — you might get someone else hit. Alright, sermon over. Here are our photos of the ride.

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more photos at: http://slipstreamx5.smugmug.com/ClientArea/Miami-Critical-Mass-Jan-2012/21220742_JW8rB9#!i=1694286187&k=KHn9Xt8